Sunday, June 25, 2006

Guess what!?!

My neighbours have been evicted! At least, I'm about 98% sure they have been. A couple of weeks ago the guy who owns the shop downstairs told me that the landlord told him they were getting rid of them, but he wasn't sure if it was official or not. Then a couple of days later I saw two large vans parked outside and a set of Chinese parents (I think of the main guy I always fight with), and they were loading stuff from the flat into the car. And all that day I could hear bumps and bangs upstairs like furniture moving and all. And since that day, it's been quiet. Once in a while I'll hear a little something but I'm not positive it's coming from upstairs. They have a water bill down with the mail that hasn't moved in about three days so that might mean they're gone. HALLELUJAH!

The guy from the shop is thinking about moving in up there, which would be cool because we get along quite well and he's a very nice and decent guy. Finally, we'll have a decent building!


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