Saturday, February 11, 2006

My London Soundtrack Update

Contiuously on my iPod this week:

This is the new album by Belle and Sebastian, one of my favourite bands. They are one of those bands where every song on every album released is great. Their new album "The Life Pursuit" hasn't let me down. It's one of those "soundtrack to your life" type albums. Love it. If you want to download a taste, go for "Act of the Apostle Part I", "Dress Up In You", "Another Sunny Day", and "Mornington Crescent". I love the last one because of the area it's talking about in London, Mornington Crescent, which is in Camden Town a couple of tube stops away from my flat, and a place where I spend a lot of my non-studying time.

Télépopmusik is a great French electronica band. I just got their new album "Angel Milk" but I've been listening to tracks off their old album "Genetic World" these days as well. Favourite on the older one is "Smile". Haven't decided on a favourite from the new one yet. Download whatever comes up in a search for a taste because their stuff is so diverse you have to decide for yourself what you like!


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