Thursday, January 26, 2006

Poor Jacko

"Michael Jackson, center, wearing a traditional Arabic women's veil and all-covering gown called an abaya, holds the hand of one of his children, also veiled, as they walk toward his car on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006, behind a Manama, Bahrain, shopping mall." [Link to source]

I love how he's still wearing the white socks and black shoes. He set the F.O.B. trend.

Since he's so close, I think we should invite him to Kuwait to do a concert in the ice skating rink to relive our 80s childhood memories. Remember those days in Kuwait when the hippest thing to do on a Wednesday night was ice skating to "Beat It" and "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"? Man, what a great artist...but what a sad decline. From the werewolf of "Thriller" to wearing a niqab - I guess we've come full circle as far as the fear factor goes!

Anyway, I give him props for not becoming a cliché (celebrity) and moving to Dubai.


  • Does this trend make you wanna go to Bahrain and look at women's feet to see if they are wearing white socks and black shoes and call him out as being the person under the veil?

    By Blogger The Stallion, at 1/26/2006 12:51 pm  

  • Amen re: choosing Bahrain over Dubai. Dubai is such a myth and the wannabe capital as far as I am concerned. The Disneyworld of the "Arab" world. (Arab is in quotation marks because anyone who has been to Dubai knows that there is nothing Arab about it - no feel of any Arab culture or anything... heck - not even many - if any - locals!)

    Back to Michael: I cannot believe this photo! His poor kid is going to need more counseling that even Jacko can afford!

    Allaaaaaah the ice skating rink and "Beat It!" And the leather jackets that all the old Salmiyah geezan used to wear! Wanasa!!!!

    By Blogger Raine, at 1/26/2006 1:42 pm  

  • Stallion: That would be fun! Let's go on a Michael hunting trip to Bahrain!

    Raine: Haha oh yeah forgot about the leather jackets...the black with a red V on the back and vice-versa...we had lots of those in Kuwait. Kuwait in the 80s was fun! Does this image of him in a niqab scare you as much as the "Thriller" video did when we were kids? ;)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 1/26/2006 7:45 pm  

  • Oh, and he must be shielding his kid from the sun to prevent him from inheriting his "used to be black" genes!

    By Blogger Kleio, at 1/26/2006 7:47 pm  

  • Hahahahahaha!
    I think that if you combined the niqab with the thriller dance that scared the HELL out of me, I may die of fright. Yumma.

    By Blogger Raine, at 1/26/2006 8:07 pm  

  • Sorry I won't wear the Niqab but I might think of wearing the old black cap that had the huge steel plate in the front!

    By Blogger The Stallion, at 1/28/2006 7:31 am  

  • What if it was Haloween at Bahrain on this date? or like, Bahraini abaya day?

    Or Micheal, playing the role of mother for the kid, to make him feel better?

    huh?! huh?!!! :D
    Go Michael!, ur done with the kids, now start messing with the 7areem's abaya's! nyahaha

    By Anonymous Non Blogger, at 1/28/2006 8:09 pm  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Water and Flood Extraction, at 1/29/2006 8:24 pm  

  • Raine: Coincidentally last night I was watching the "100 Greatest Pop Videos" on TV and of course number 1 was "Thriller". It really is freaky, but such great dance moves!

    Stallion: Those freak me out. Saw some women in Selfridges wearing those and nearly fainted.

    Non-Blogger: He doesn't need to wear the abaya to make himself look like the kid's mother! He looks like one even without! And I like the "Bahraini abaya day"!!

    By Blogger Kleio, at 1/29/2006 11:40 pm  

  • lol...

    By Blogger Rampurple, at 1/30/2006 10:52 pm  

  • A Michael Jackson concert would be awesome. I mean, it is totally sad how he's become so ... weird ... but if you told me he was giving a concert in Bahrain, with or without the Niqab, I'd be there in a second --- I'm sure you'd join me, right Raine? I mean, we'd be combining one of the funniest drives down Gulf Road - with us 'singing' Michael Jackson songs all the way with 'Wet Riser' ... doesn't get any better than that!!

    By Blogger PlumPetals, at 1/31/2006 11:52 pm  

  • I am going to collapse with nostalgic overload! The ice rink, greasy fries, red leather suits, industrial strength hair gel, and a Michael Jackson soundtrack! It's too much!! Speaking of niqabs: At Kuwait airport, just back from a fabulous trip to Paris, I saw a woman wearing a white niqab. I was so unaccustomed to seeing it that I panicked and immediately thought, "Why is she wearing a face mask? My god, she must have some kind of contagious disease. Maybe it's avian flu!! Stay away from me! Away! Vite!!" Then, like a ton of bricks, it hit me. This too is a not so glamourous side of home...

    By Anonymous red, at 2/11/2006 12:46 pm  

  • Red, doesn't beat the time I was once at the airport manning a booth for work and saw a woman walk by wearing a...wait for it...a PIN-STRIPE 3abaya + niqab! I call it the Wall Street 3abaya. What a site.

    By Blogger Kleio, at 2/12/2006 9:21 pm  

  • Lol I mean "sight". Type-o.

    By Blogger Kleio, at 2/12/2006 9:21 pm  

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