Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just Get Wet

I had to walk home tonight in the pouring rain, the kind that makes you feel like you're taking a shower. The streets were empty, with everyone running from point A to point B to avoid getting wet. Not having my umbrella with me, I was initially inclined to do the same. But then I realized, there was no way to avoid getting wet seeing as I had a ten minute walk ahead of me. So why not just enjoy it? So, with my boy short hair not really caring about getting wet, my feet protected by my 14-hole teal Doc Martens, and the new Belle & Sebastian album playing on my iPod (specifically "The Blues Are Still Blue" and "Dress Up In You"), I decided to JUST GET WET. And it was gorgeous. I stomped with two feet into every puddle that crossed my path, I looked up at the sky and let my face get hit with rain, I ran my fingers through my soaking hair, and I let everyone else trying to escape the inevitable run past me. And I must say, it was the most therapeutic experience I have had in ages. You always see it in movies and commericals and music videos, and in your mind it is just such a cliché - the whole "singing in the rain" thing. But I gotta tell you, it was just brilliant! There is something oddly liberating about it. Granted I wasn't literally singing...but in a stange way with every puddle I jumped into, the happier I felt. By the time I reached my front door I had such a big smile on my face I'm sure the people running past me thought I was insane. Sure, I couldn't hang my jacket on my coat stand because it was soaked through and I didn't want to get my other jackets wet, but my Docs did their job and kept my feet dry and with a quick towel rub to my short hair I was warm and snug inside my heated flat.

The moral of this story is:
Pouring rain + Great music on iPod =
Beautiful London Moment.


  • I bet you wanted to change the lyrics of "Call On Me!" to "Pour On Me!" :oP I'm glad you had fun in the rain! :o)

    By Blogger The Stallion, at 2/15/2006 7:55 am  

  • I envy you....I want to do that! But good for you....you did for me and and you. I totally agree that it is a theraputic moment. You're 1 on 1 with nature...cleansing your soul :)

    Even Is7aq is impressed :)

    By Blogger Jazz Central, at 2/15/2006 8:31 am  

  • how fun ! one of my favorite things to do is walk in the rain.. lucky lucky u :)

    By Blogger Beyond Q8iya, at 2/15/2006 9:03 am  

  • W.A.N.A.S.A.

    By Blogger Raine, at 2/15/2006 11:45 am  

  • Stallion: I still prefer the original, "Valerie". :)

    JC: Absa-frickin-lutely I cleansed my soul! Woke up in a good mood this morning, lay in bed listening to my favourite talk-radio host and laughed out loud by myself several times.

    beyond q8iya: Welcome to my blog. :) My dilemma now is, now that I know how great it feels, how can I ever walk in the rain again without stomping in puddles and laughing at the sky without people thinking I'm on crack all day?

    Raine: Oo nuss! ;)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 2/15/2006 5:10 pm  

  • Sorry...gotta use the new Arabic transliteration of the digital age.

    Oo nu9!

    By Blogger Kleio, at 2/15/2006 5:11 pm  

  • Yes Yes its great.
    I'de Say;
    Pouring rain + Great music on iPod =
    A cold and lots of panadol.

    Atshoom! snif snif* pause.

    By Anonymous howmanycharachtersdoesthistagsupport?, at 2/16/2006 12:57 am  

  • Aawww...always looking out for me. ;) But it's OK - my feet were protected and my hair was dry in like 2 mins! Besides, if you were here you'd be playing in the rain with me!

    By Blogger Kleio, at 2/16/2006 1:04 am  

  • Yea, i'de run from point A to Point B in between the rain drops, trying not to touch any, like in galaga :P woohoooooo

    By Anonymous howmanycharachtersdoesthistagsupport?, at 2/16/2006 1:19 pm  

  • Ooooh fun!! Galaga!! :)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 2/16/2006 3:21 pm  

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