Saturday, January 07, 2006

We've Grown Up...

Went to the engagement party of a good friend last night. It was a lovely evening, lots of old friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in years), and the happy couple looked…well…happy. And it struck me last night: we’ve grown up. This is it – we’re adults. People I actually care about are getting engaged, and getting married (at the proper ages, not at age 21/22 like most of the Kuwaiti girls in my high school graduating class). This was the second engagement party I’ve been to in the past six months. My best friend from the States got engaged in August and her wedding is in May. These are close people – not those random weddings you get invited to here and there. These are my friends. We’re at that age. We’re in our mid- to late-twenties; I’m actually officially closer to 30 than to 20. It’s so strange. Time has gone by so quickly. I like it though – as much as I loved high school and college and my younger days, I would never trade the life that I have now. I think that’s because I lived my teenage years, and certainly my early twenties, to the absolute fullest, leaving nothing out. So now I have no regrets, and nothing that I feel I didn’t do that I wish I had done when I had the chance. I like this feeling – not the feeling of being a “grown-up”, but rather the feeling of having grown up. I think about my future all the time now, and it’s finally becoming clear. It’s no longer with a sense of dread or uncertainty, now it’s just plain excitement. Because I know where I want to be and what I want to do, and most importantly I know who I want to do it all with. I just want to be done with this year and a half that I have left before I can officially begin my – or rather our – life. I’m excited at the prospect of FINALLY feeling settled, feeling like I am no longer in transition or in limbo but am actually settled, and ready to BEGIN. It’s all just beginning…


  • Its so true what you said about being all "grown up". But to me, it is daunting to settle in..as in marriage. Pressure from all people. My age...and as a guy...I always get the same ol question..."Are you engaged yet?". Is it normal to be 27 and yet no prospects for marriage? I dunno...I also kinda like my life right now and would not trade it for anything. If the right person comes along...I'll be glad. In the meantime, I take it day by day.

    By Blogger Jazz Central, at 1/07/2006 8:47 am  

  • thats exactly how i feel and think every other weekend.
    i can not get over the idea that we r grown ups now, a friend actually invited me to her son's birthday party!!!!!!! 98% of my friends are either married or divorsed,yesterday in marina i saw a friend my age who is now writing children's books with his wife!!!the last time i saw him was after high school or maybe once in the states, now he has a son who looks exactly like him!!!! waw! i can not believe how the years 6araw!

    By Blogger Why Kuwait, at 1/07/2006 3:47 pm  

  • It is quite amazing when you think about how time has just flown by ... how all the experiences you have gone through have gotten you to the point you are at now. Those 'younger' years were fun (I mean, come on, how can trying to shove someone down a garbage chute not be fun?!) But isn't incredibly terrific when you get that feeling of contentment ... that you are totally satisfied with who you are and how you are ... that you are no longer over-occupied making plans but are rather 'doing' all the things that you had planned to do ... it's life, and we're living it -- all grown up :)

    By Blogger PlumPetals, at 1/08/2006 12:25 am  

  • JC: It is more than normal to be 27 and not have any marriage prospects yet. In my opinion, NOBODY (especially in Kuwait) should even be allowed to get married until after they've passed the 25 mark (minimum)! You are perfectly normal! :)

    Why Kuwait: Welcome to my blog! I am only just approaching the age where my close friends are starting to get engaged or married (no kids yet except for one of my closest friends who is 11 years older than me so that's different). But, as far as my high school graduating class goes, I am pretty much one of, if not THE, only Kuwaiti girl left that's not married or divorced (many non-Kuwaitis are still un-wed like me)! Scary! Yes, the years are flying by. I've always divided my life by the invasion (as I think we all do), and only recently did I realize that more of my life now sits on the "after the invasion" side!!

    Cool thing about your friend who's writing children's books. In Arabic or English?

    PlumPetals: LOL!! Aaah the garbage chute days! Don't get me started ("Mr. Officer!")! We don't need to publicly reminisce about our sophomoric (yet EXTREMELY entertaining) behavior - we're grown ups now! But see what I mean - who can have regrets now about not living our younger days to the fullest when we had 11th Hr?! ;)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 1/08/2006 3:26 pm  

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