Friday, December 09, 2005

Merry Christmas Dad!

Had to share this because it's hilarious! I ordered my dad a headset from amazon.co.uk as part of his Christmas gift for him to use on his laptop so we can talk over Skype. Anyway, it arrived a few days ago and I thought I would just keep it in the amazon box it came in since it wasn't that big and since headsets sometimes come in awkward packaging that's a pain to giftwrap. I figured I'd just take it to Kuwait and wrap it as is, and so I didn't open the box (since anyone who knows amazon knows once you open those boxes there's no closing it again). Anyway, yesterday I had a sudden feeling that maybe I should open the box to check the headset after all...and boy oh boy is it a good thing that I did! Because, instead of my dad's cool new Skype headset, I found THIS!!! LOL!! They sent me the wrong item! Can you IMAGINE if I hadn't opened it and took it to Kuwait and wrapped it and gave it to my dad?!? My favorite part is, on the side of the box it says (as part of the items included in the box): "Cut out template to create your own style"!!! Poor girl who ordered this and got my headset instead - amazon probably ruined a very special occasion for her indeed!


  • I seriously couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes straight after I saw what was in the box. It's almost a pity that you opened the box. Your dad's reaction would've been HILARIOUS!

    By Blogger Tooomz, at 12/09/2005 1:08 am  

  • What are the odds??? That is HILARIOUS! Hahahahahahahaha! I can just see dad's reaction (think dad's cute accent): "What is this? For my computer?!"

    By Blogger Raine, at 12/09/2005 10:00 am  

  • Good thing you checked the package! Glad to see that your dad has a sense of humor cause I know a few guys that would take it as an insult but hey they are "typical"! :oP

    By Blogger The Stallion, at 12/09/2005 10:23 am  

  • OH. MY. GOD!!!! I wish you hadn't opened it!! And the templates??????!!!!??? To each her own, but still, TEMPLATES? Kleio, open the box and check if they have X-Mas theme ones. Raine, why can't I post comments on your blog? Just open it up so we can all get down.

    By Anonymous red, at 12/09/2005 11:38 am  

  • WOW!! Way to open it before hand! *whew*

    I would have never have thought to have checked, and if my dad opened something like that, I would have tried to play it off and say, "But Baba, this is the latest and greatest design for your mustache. The box just shows a woman because they are trying to show you how sensitive it is for all people" Oh, the horror.

    By Blogger Caffeinated, at 12/09/2005 5:44 pm  

  • LOoooOOOOoOOOOLLL!!! Priceless! I would have really wanted to see your dad's reaction. So what now? Do u have enough time to return it and get the actual gift in time before he head back here?

    By Blogger Jazz Central, at 12/10/2005 8:35 am  

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