Sunday, December 18, 2005

Electro Vinyl

I spent nearly an hour in the electronica vinyls section of HMV today. Found some really good stuff – I wish I wasn’t broke right now! I recently purchased a new Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable. I love vinyls. I love the raw sound, plus they’re so much cheaper than CDs. I have two of London’s most well known vintage collector’s record shops on my tiny little street. Plus, when it comes to electronic music, all the really good stuff usually only comes on vinyl for DJs. Some of the more popular stuff does come out on CD but usually only on mixed compilation CDs like Ministry of Sound or annual-Ibiza-mainstream-party shit CDs which by and large I hate - the only compilation CD that I always get and love is Godskitchen. But still, with mixed CDs (compilations or even proper DJ mixed ones) you don’t get the pure track. So now I shift between vinyls and CDs, depending on what I’m getting. My turntable is a simple one, nothing too fancy but very sexy. I got mine in white and it looks very sleek with the black. When P gets his new turntables I will start buying two of everything and send one to him. Then when the day finally comes when we can pool our CD and vinyl collections together we’ll have a massive record sale. Stallion gets first dibs…


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