Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring...but not quite

It's been ages since I've posted. And whenever you haven't posted for a while, and you have people messaging or Emailing you asking where you've been - "readers" (so to speak) that you never thought you'd have - you always feel this immense pressure to post something profoundly brilliant for your comeback. But as I have so much going on right now - tons of reading, writing the first chapter of my PhD thesis, preparing for a seminar presentation, preparing a paper for a conference, and getting ready to go to Kuwait in April - I will resist the urge to write something profound here. Instead, I will just keep it simple.

Last week the weather was beautiful here in London. It felt like spring was on the horizon - sunny skies, light jackets, and chilly evenings. But suddenly, this week hit and it's cold as hell again. But I got enough of a taste of spring to start to feel that giddiness that comes along with it. That feeling of blowing off work, sitting outside at your favourite outdoor locale, and wasting the day/evening away talking, laughing, and being merry. And although I know most of you who are reading this are in Kuwait and are feeling summer descending in all its flaming fury, I thought I would share two of my favourite "winter's-over-and-holy-sh!t-spring-is-here" songs (even though it might be a tad premature for London):

"I'm A Cuckoo" - Belle and Sebastian (listen / download)
"The Blues Are Still Blue" - Belle and Sebastian (listen / download)