Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm back (I think)

OK so it seems like there are still some of you out there who might be interested in reading this space again, so I thought I'd start with a bit of an update on what's happened in my life since my last post.

Biggest news is that my P and I got married last August (so, very nearly a year now)! We are now both living in London, and I have about another year left until I finish up my PhD. I'm in full-on writing mode now, which is exhausting and intense but really satisfying and exciting. P is working as a free-lance graphic designer here, which means he also works from home. So it's amazing that during our first year of married life together we get to both work from home and spend this kind of time together. It's also great because generally our time is our own - although we both work in front of our computers for at least six to ten hours per day, if we decide we want to blow off a morning and work late at night instead, we can.

And to complete our domestic bliss we now have a little guy in our lives (no, not a baby) - a half-Bengal five-month old kitten named Thunder. We have become a pair of obsessive doting parents who talk about our baby with each other when we're not home. If you saw how cute this little creature is, you'd totally understand!

Anyway, we're living in a completely different part of London now from where I used to live before I left for fieldwork. It's an amazing area - one that P and I actually discovered together a few years ago. It's right by the river (on the south side) and is a lovely part of town to live in, and we spend many an evening taking long walks up and down the river discovering new secret sides to this city. We're also closer now to all of our favourite places in London, like the Borough Market, which is very important seeing as food has become such a dominant force in our lives! Most evenings are spent together in the kitchen coming up with new recipes and eating proper home-cooked dinners. (I may start a recipe section on this blog if this re-attempt at posting regularly works out.)

Oh, and my sister "Lola" (formerly known as "Raine" here) is now doing her PhD in London too (although she lives with her husband in Windsor), and it's amazing having her here now too!

So that's my update. Those of you reading this who know me in person are probably disappointed at this boring post, but I promise to try and be more interesting in my next ones! Meanwhile, in the past year or so since I stopped posting I have actually met one or two of my former regular readers; so much for thinking I was being 'anonymous' all along! Seriously though, I know my identity is hardly disguised anymore, and over the years I have shared enough information about myself on this blog for anyone in a society as small and incestuous as Kuwait to find out who I am if they were so inclined! But despite this fact, I am going to remain posting as Kleio and maintain 'anonymity' on this blog solely for academic purposes, in that I don't want my real name, in which I write and publish academically, to be linked to a personal blog in cyberspace. But I am very aware of the fact that most of the people who read this now know me as who I really am, and that's absolutely fine with me!


Testing...testing...is there anybody out there? I haven't posted in over a year so I highly doubt anyone is still checking in here, but I will post this anyway just in case I do get a response. I have been toying with the idea of starting up this blog again but I have a sinking feeling I am talking to myself.