Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Very Orla Christmas

This post is a follow-up to my last Oral Kiely post, which is nearly two months old.

Today is Christmas, and for those of you that don't know, my family goes all out at Christmas. Now, I never actually got to order the Orla Kiely tent like I'd wanted to a couple of months ago. But no matter! For my Christmas present, my fabulous sister Raine got me the entire Orla Kiely camping set I posted about!! I got a tent, a sleeping bag, the wellies, and the lantern! As I mentioned in my post, practically everywhere online was sold out of the sleeping bag. How'd she get it you ask? Her wonderful mother-in-law, who is English, went to her local Millets in her town in England and bought it all and sent it to Kuwait! There was only one sleeping bag left in stock, so Raine bought an orange sleeping bag for my P that matches the whole set (besides, an Orla Kiely sleeping bag might be a bit too feminine for a guy to sleep in!).

She also got me and P a bunch of camping stuff to go with it - canteens, camping pots & pans, camping cutlery, a picnic mat, a mini barbeque, and all the fixin's to make 'smores (marshmellos, Hershey's chocolates, and graham crackers), as well as hot chocolate. Time to go camping...maybe Oman?

By lovely coincidence, as part of his gift to me, my P got me a gorgeous picnic basket. It is the perfect set - ideal for lovely afternoons up in Hampstead Heath (not so much for Green Island!). He really hit the nail perfectly on the head with this gift - it is just so me!

I won't go into detail on the rest of our family's Christmas gift exchange. Suffice it to say, it was a good one all 'round! Merry Christmas everybody!

P.S. In keeping with the title of this post, I will mention that my sister "Red Riding" also got me a fabulous Orla Kiely present for Christmas - a gorgeous bag and matching wallet, as well as an umbrella. See, it was a very Orla Kristmas! My collection is growing! *..* (<-- Only a privileged few will get this.)

P.P.S. For Halloween, my P and I dressed as Druids and built a replica of Stone Henge in our backyard for a Halloween party Raine and I threw for her birthday (which was on the 27th). Our Stone Henge was fantastic, if I do say so myself (although P did most of the work, but I was right there next to him helping out all through the night!). Anyway, I think it would be cool for us to put Stone Henge back up in the backyard and then roll out the sleeping bags and camp out amidst the stones! Our neighbours might think we're nuts, but who cares?!