Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Random Update

So my landlord is sending a letter round to the other two flats in the building (and I guess mine too) telling everyone not to open the front door to strangers. That's the most they can do. Meanwhile, the you-know-whats upstairs had stuff stolen too (gal3at'hom) - but here's the thing: I went up to talk to them on Saturday and only one was home and he said he heard the buzzer ring but didn't answer it and didn't know whether or not his flatmates had, then when I went up on Sunday I spoke to another one and he said that nobody rang their buzzer. LIAR! Meanwhile, the girl whose name the lease is actually signed in is out of town and it was her stuff that was stolen - poor girl, but serves her right for choosing such rubbish flatmates. And to top it all off, these past few days the noise has picked up again (probably since the girl is out of town). Last night I got so fed up I picked up a book and started banging on the ceiling like mad - with every step they'd take I'd bang the ceiling with the book so hard, till they finally left the building (at like 2:30am!). Ironically, I was banging the ceiling so violently using a book with a picture of Gandhi on the cover.

I've finished two papers and have one more, which I am just starting on. It's exhausting going straight from one to the other. And I have very little background on the topic of this one I'm writing now so getting enthusiastic about it is difficult. But, no choice! I have about 100 pages to read tonight...

Our exam schedule finally came out. Mine are on May 16, 19, and 22. That means I will be able to come to Kuwait by mid-June (I'll need at least a month here after exams to do whatever research I need for my dissertation from the libraries here).

How pathetic...that's all I have to post about.


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