Saturday, March 04, 2006

Love and Flowers

I finally bought a dining table today. I found this one at a store called The Futon Company, the same place I got my coffee table from, and it was a great deal. The table + 6 chairs came out to £190 (just under KD100). And, I got it delivered like 2 hours after buying it! No assembly required. I love it! It's very simple, and I was specifically looking for folding chairs so that I could buy six but easily keep two in storage on my landing. It kind of has a picnic table feel, which is why I opted for flowers instead of candles. I got these white vases from Habitat, and they actually have more texture than what shows up in the picture. There is a street florist just down the street from me and so I can pick up new beautiful flowers once a week. I need to get a nice print to hang on that empty wall now.

It's amazing how something so simple can put you in the best mood. All afternoon I was just sitting on my couch, looking at the latest addition to my flat, with the lovely flowers, and with Bic Runga playing in the background (mainly "Sway", "Something Good", and "Listening for the Weather" - perfectly fit my mood). I can't wait to wake up in the morning and sit at my new table by the window, drinking my coffee and reading the The Guardian.

There is something so wonderful about buying fresh flowers and carrying them home wrapped in brown paper. Flowers for the sake of flowers, not for some dinner party or hospital obligation. I know it must make me sound like such a lovelorn cliché but walking home with flowers in my hand made me feel so happy and in love and made me miss my P so much it hurt.


  • Wow, that does look simple but it's simplicity makes it loos amazing! Great choice! BTW, the vases are fabulous! Absolutly Fabulous Darling!

    By Blogger The Stallion, at 3/04/2006 7:57 am  

  • I LOVE IT!!! And the fresh flowers made it perfect. Can't wait to come and visit ;)

    btw - I think you mean 'addition' not 'edition'... Sorry - the English teacher in me comes out sometimes without my control! :) Plus, I know you are very picky about that stuff, too!

    By Blogger Raine, at 3/04/2006 12:13 pm  

  • Very pretty..Your title reminds methat spring is coming up, time for love & flowers ;)

    By Blogger Tooomz, at 3/04/2006 3:52 pm  

  • Stallion: Why thank you daaahling! :) Yes, I was going for simple and pretty.

    Raine: Oops! You're right. How did that slip by me? I guess cos when you hear "latest", "edition" could be as logical a noun to follow as "addition", but...my mistake! For those of you who think we're a bunch of nerds, yes we are!! When it comes to type-o's and grammar mistakes, my sisters and I are real sticklers. Granted we "let loose" a bit when blogging but a mistake like that is unforgivable to a family of academics! :)

    Tooomz: Spring sure as heck ain't coming over here!! It's -1˚ here and there are no signs of the cold letting up! This is one of the coldest bites London has seen in years. I am so bloody sick of winter! I never thought I would say that because I usually love the cold but not when it's been like this for nearly 6 months! I forgot what long winters were like after moving back to Kuwait. :)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 3/04/2006 7:57 pm  

  • Love it. Love the table, love the vases, love the flowers, love it! Mabrook!! Spring has definitely sprung in Kuwait. I'm not quite ready for it yet. I needed one more month of cold weather, and then a nice slow unraveling of spring. But you know that's not how it works here. You wake up one morning, and it's pleasantly warm. Two days later, it's hotter than hot. I don't want that yet!! So, enjoy your 1 degree weather because it will make spring that much sweeter.

    By Anonymous red, at 3/05/2006 9:52 am  

  • i love the vases and the flowers... real pretty

    By Blogger Rampurple, at 3/12/2006 7:59 pm  

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