Sunday, October 29, 2006

For Edo Rex and P

Can we climb this mountain
I don't know
Higher now than ever before
I know we can make it if we take it slow
Let's take it easy
Easy now, watch it go!!!

P.S. The Thin White Duke and Lindbergh Palace Dubs are gonna leave you guys in pieces, as will their respective remixes. Sample here:

When You Were Young (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)
When You Were Young (The Lindbergh Palace Remix)
When You Were Young (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Dub)
When You Were Young (The Lindbergh Palace Dub)

(I prefer the Lindbergh Palace remix over the JCL one, but I haven't decided between the dubs because they're quite similar.)


  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! you know we will totally go nuts when you come back...i'm gonna change part of the song now...'watch it now, here SHE comes!!!!!'

    By Anonymous edo rex, at 10/31/2006 1:11 am  

  • Yeah baby! Here I come!!

    "We're burning down the highway skyyliiiine...."

    Can't wait to hit the chalet!

    By Blogger Kleio, at 10/31/2006 2:02 am  

  • That was stellar :-)

    But the downloadable thingis were cut off @ the end :~/

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 10/31/2006 6:20 am  

  • Excellent Track! i prefer thin white duke mix. i always buy my stuff from juno, shame they dont have a frequent buyer program!

    By Blogger Spicy Pepper, at 10/31/2006 1:28 pm  

  • Erzulie: They were just "samples" I found online. I haven't bought them online because I have it on vinyl, and I couldn't find a free download on Limewire. Just wanted to give you a taste! Unfortunately, I don't think these mixes are available on the CD single, only on vinyl. Which puts me in a bit of a pickle concerning how we're going to dance our little tushies off to this at chalet! :)

    Spicy Pepper: I actually alternate between Thin White Duke and the Lindbergh Palace remix - depends on my mood. :) When you blast it, the LP one sounds really good!

    As for buying stuff on juno, maybe I gotta start thinking about that. I never buy music online - I know it's bad of me. What I usually do is download something to listen to it, and then if I like it I usually end up buying the CD or vinyl anyway. But maybe I could get a better range of stuff on juno. And that way I could get the stuff I have on vinyl onto my iPod. Something to think about...

    By Blogger Kleio, at 10/31/2006 2:51 pm  

  • You are exactly right!! the lindebergh remix is muchhhhhhhhhbetter...been listenin to it for a while now!

    By Anonymous Lexicon, at 11/16/2006 4:42 am  

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