Tuesday, August 29, 2006

London Calling

I have one more week in Kuwait. This summer has flown by. Since coming back from Lebanon, all my days have been spent at home writing my dissertation, and then my evenings have been spent with P - the two of us watching "Prison Break" (finally) and endless episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", having dinner, shopping, playing, talking, laughing, and hanging out with family and friends. Weekends are spent at chalet. It's all gone by too fast. I'm almost done with my dissertation. I have a couple more days of work on it to do here, then I'm going to put it aside for a few days, and then go back to edit and fine tune once I'm back in London.

While I am really sad that my time in Kuwait is almost over, I have actually come to realize that I miss London. I am devastated about the idea of leaving my family and my P in a week. But the idea of being back in London is more pleasurable to me this time around than it was on my previous trips home.

First of all, I'm really looking forward to the two weeks I'll have off between September 15, when I turn in my dissertation, and the beginning of October, when my PhD programme starts. Those will be my first two weeks of proper vacation in over a year. By vacation I mean the first time I'll be totally free from academic stress: no worries, no impending deadlines looming on the horizon, no feelings of guilt when I'm having fun, telling myself that I should be working. This time, it's going to be two weeks of pure down time. I plan on staying in London and just having fun. Some of my friends will be leaving right after we turn in our dissertations to wherever the next stage of their lives takes them, but a core handful are staying on in London to find jobs.

Other little things I'm looking forward to in London: this show my friends and I are going to, which sounds brilliant. The fact that autumn is coming and in a few more weeks I'll be wearing cardigans and Doc Martens again. Getting started on my PhD research and being back in the British Library. The London Film Festival which runs from October 18 to November 2. The French courses I'll be taking this year at the Institut Français. Buying new books. Having a p!nt. Sitting in my flat and writing, with a big mug of coffee and my window open. Walking down the streets with my iPod on. And, all the while, daydreaming about moving back to Kuwait to begin the rest of my life with him.


  • :~)

    I loved the last sentence. I'm such a sentimental wuss.

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 8/30/2006 5:54 am  

  • You probably answered this question thousands of times, but, what do you study? :)

    By Anonymous moayad, at 8/30/2006 6:37 am  

  • Erzulie: You old softie. :) Check your Email later today.

    Moayad: I'm doing my PhD in History. :)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 8/30/2006 10:07 am  

  • Pased so quick indeed, its a good sign that u feel u miss ur place in London & School, it shows that ur still enthusiastic towards what ur doing and where ur staying..

    Regarding the Walk down the streets with ur Ipod, are you sure about that? You screwed your Ipod, remember? hehe.

    Gotta try to fix it for you before u go or u have to buy a new one (and make a step forward to get a colored screen + video one).

    But even with a new Ipod, street walks are gonna be less cus ur gonna be in the tube or bus watching Frasier episodes, cerise a la nutt!


    Did i tell u i got the second episode of Prison Break season 2? I allowed myself to watch 10 seconds of it..... Nyahaha :D

    By Anonymous P, at 8/30/2006 3:42 pm  

  • Did you see Raine's latest post? O bought her a new iPod video! Hint hint. ;) And I put that in my comment to her about watching Frasier on the bus. Hee hee hee.

    No fair you watched 10 seconds...we're supposed to watch it at chalet! Just for that, no Fuze for you! :-p

    Mwahhh inta.

    By Blogger Kleio, at 8/30/2006 6:45 pm  

  • Hmm strange, there was nothing in my inbox from you.

    Ah I'm scared now! You're very critical! But that's good :)

    Btw, I'm just curious...what is your emphasis in History? I mean, are you going after a certain period, region, etc.?

    History's my favorite subject, along with English of course. I still remember facts and names from my high school history books...even middle school!

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 8/31/2006 4:20 am  

  • We are devastated to see you go! But your description of London—aaah...I'd kill for it. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, especially in the States. All we have to look forward to here is Ramadan. No open windows with fresh air coming through (in Providence I used to open up my window in front of my desk and breathe in the snow); no walking down any streets (with or without an ipod); no film festivals (I'm trying really hard to put the small KU one together again, but the London Film Festival it sure as hell ain't!); no doc martins for another two or three months. I'm depressed as hell. But at least I'll be able to live it vicariously through you. And I will dream about my sabbatical next year.

    By Anonymous red, at 9/02/2006 11:51 am  

  • Erzulie: I just opened my blog Email and saw that the one I thought I sent to you was still a "draft". But let me add something to it and then I'll send it to you again. And don't be scared...are you kidding me? I'm not critical when it comes to good quality and talent. :) I'll answer your question about my work in there rather than here.

    Red: I think after being here for two months this summer I'm starting to long for those things that I seem to have taken for granted in London. But I just wish I could transport you guys, Dad, and P there with me. Then it would be so much more fun! Autumn is my favourite time of year too. I love spring as well, but autumn gives me a totally different feeling. I feel at my most creative and energetic in the fall. And my boots, my boots...I can't wait to get out my boots! :)

    By Blogger Kleio, at 9/02/2006 3:54 pm  

  • D.O. N.O.T. G.O.
    We did not see you enough :(

    red - You sound like me!!!

    kleio - "But I just wish I could transport you guys, Dad, and P there with me." My O and I are in. And I know P will go if you are there. Red and A? Red, you sound ready. If we all agree to go we will just have to take Dad whether he agrees or not. Sounds like a plan! So we go this June? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

    By Blogger Raine, at 9/02/2006 9:33 pm  

  • Next June?? No, I'll have to come back then! Come NOW!!! :)

    I know I didn't see you guys enough. This trip actually flew. Can you believe I came to Kuwait over two months ago? June 25. Then we got back from Lebanon on July 16.

    I'll be back in November if you guys will contribute the ticket.

    By Blogger Kleio, at 9/03/2006 12:09 am  

  • 1- have a safe trip
    2- good luck with your studies
    3- the godafi show looks fantastic ,, pls drop me a note when it goes on sale and tell me how did you like it
    4-Doc martens .. that says alot about you
    have fun ,,and cheers

    By Blogger mosan mosan, at 9/04/2006 9:06 pm  

  • mosan mosan: 1) Thank you - been back here a couple of days now. 2) I'm in dissertation crunch mode! Due in a week. Aaahh! 3) Will do - we'll probably go next weekend after we turn in our dissertations. 4) What do my Docs say about me??

    By Blogger Kleio, at 9/07/2006 10:29 pm  

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