Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another year

My Dad was in town for one night on his way to the States, so yesterday I went over to the Heathrow Hilton where he was staying. We had dinner together, hung out and talked and caught up. Then he had booked me my own room at the hotel for the night so I wouldn't have to go back into London. This morning we had breakfast and hung out until he had to go back to the airport and I saw him off at security check.

What a lovely night. I have so much fun with my Dad. We just talk non-stop about all sorts of things. It was so nice seeing him here, and being able to escape from central London for the night. I love staying at hotels. Usually I prefer small, family-run hotels (but CLEAN!), but once in a while there's nothing like staying at a big five-star chain and spoiling yourself. After my Dad went to sleep in his room, I got my books out and actually got quite a bit of studying done. But at the same time I couldn't resist the temptation to order a plate of fries from room service at 1am and watch TV in bed for a bit. (Hey, there was an interview with Keifer Sutherland on - a.k.a. Jack Bauer - I wasn't about to miss that!)

Suffice it to say that when I got onto the train after saying good-bye to my Dad, I felt sad and homesick. Then when I got home, there was a big envelope from my university waiting for me. It was my official acceptance letter into the PhD programme starting in September. I'd already heard from my supervisor last week that I'd been offered a seat in the programme - there wasn't much chance that I wouldn't be admitted since I've been doing well on the MA and have already started working with my supervisor, who makes the final acceptance call. But reading the letter, and having to sign my acceptance of their offer - for some reason it just made me feel strange. I was officially signing myself off to another year here (since the remaining two years I'll be in Kuwait) - alone, away from my Dad and sisters, and away from my P. I know I'm here for a reason, and I do want to be here, doing what I love. But making it official...well it just broke my heart.

I'm off to the library.


  • look at the bright side...at least you get to come visit frequently and people keep popping up in london every now and then. you won't feel the second year...you'll be too busy to.

    By Anonymous edo rex, at 5/08/2006 2:41 am  

  • Edo Rex: True about me visiting frequently, and next year will need to be even more for research purposes. But as for people who keep popping in - nobody popped in but you and Raine! :)

    The review is on its way...

    By Blogger Kleio, at 5/08/2006 12:15 pm  

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